What I do

Creating big ideas for your community

Whether it's an art installation, an Open Space discussion, a regeneration project or a huge year-long creative programme, I'll help bring your community together and generate something exciting, provocative and arresting. 

Putting on arts festivals in schools or local communities

I work with colleagues from a wide array of art forms and we always start by asking you what you want. Once we have a menu of ideas, we can curate, manage and programme your community arts festival. We have worked with a wide variety of artists and creatives over the years; from dancers to jugglers, performance poets to jazz musicians, actors to film-makers. All are both accomplished performers and sensitive co-creators. And we are always looking to make new connections so if you know who you want to work with, we will be happy to work with them.

Specifically we can:

  • Apply for funding and manage the finances

  • Host 'open space' events to find what is wanted

  • Lead partnerships between artists and participants

  • Take care of all of the logistics: staging, lighting, security, health & safety, scheduling, artist contracts, liaising with local services, catering

  • Evaluate the events to capture the impacts

Change your ways of working

I'll work with your teams to help you find out where things are getting stale and introduce new ways to unlock learning or personal development.