What I do

I define nonsense as any creative work that is driven by something other than the intellect. So work that appeals to the senses, the gut, the visceral or the dreamworld. Of course it can also refer to work that is just downright daft, silly or bizarre. 

Devising theatre 

I will create new pieces of live performance with you or your teams/pupils. My focus is always on creating work with, not imposing work on. I am experienced working with young people and adults alike. From adapting traditional plays, to devising cutting edge, multi-media performances and installations, I can bring out the best in the performers.


You want to put on a school show or a show in your local community but don't know where to start? I can produce and direct the entire project or mentor you through the process so that you learn the ropes for next time.


 I am an experienced Drama workshop leader and can explore a variety of themes and genres with your teams/pupils. For schools I can provide workshops that can:

  • Inspire KS3 pupils so that they opt for Drama in KS4

  • Introduce A Level students to a variety of theatre practitioners

  • Help you to unlock particular skills in bespoke sessions