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What we do

Creative education consultancy

We will work alongside the staff and structures in your school to develop creative and arts-focused teaching methods. These will be focused on increasing engagement and attainment for your pupils across school. We work closely with IVE (Arts Council England 'Bridge' organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber) in this work, and have a wealth of knowledge and data to convince even the most sceptical!

Drama as a pedagogical tool

We will train your staff in pedagogical approaches that will transform their teaching. Whether it's to bring literacy to life in a primary school, or to invigorate the humanities or science in secondary, drama approaches make a tangible difference. Often the secret is not to tell anyone that what they're doing is drama... 

Leading action research 

We will support you and your staff through action research methodologies. Your teaching and non-teaching staff can safely experiment with new approaches and gather the relevant and compelling data.